"Huh! he thought: if a woman with a pepper spray could see
off two hired kidnappers, it would be too dangerous to
attempt to dispose of her cleanly. He would keep that idea in
abeyance. "I am a bastard", he whispered under his breath.
His thoughts moved on."

A French family man appears to have everything he could want and enjoys life from a luxurious home on the outskirt of Paris, but he seeks ever stronger sensations and with encouragement from some friends with loose morals, embarks on a life of unbridled pleasure seeking, some of which must remain secret. However, as he will discover, a greedy mind is not a happy or peaceful one…
The climax reveals the cost of a game in which participants were supposed to be adult, compliant and happy. The story is seen through the eyes of the main protagonists who comment on personal and political events with the conflicts and discrepancies of human interpretation.
Blending an undercover story and a detective story (was it murder or not murder?) and located in Paris, the South of France and a tropical “paradise” (but is it?), A CLEAN PAIR OF HANDSis above all a suspense story, with its delicious, dark and satirical treatment of life’s larger moral questions..

by Oscar Reynard
is published by Clink
Street Publishing. It is
available as paperback
and e-book at online
retailers including
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A selection of quotes from the book
“You have desires and so satisfy them, for you have the same rights as the most rich and powerful.”
Fyodor Dostoyevsky, novelist and philosopher
“A celebrated people lose their dignity upon a closer view.”
“A really ambitious man never puts dignity above the advantages of power.”
Michel Bodin
And again…
“Women are submissive once you have overcome their exterior defence.”
However, the unbounded tolerance and patient liberalism of some women in Bodin’s life eventually find their limits…